Self-Improvement - Daily Improvement Ritual for Better Appearance and Health

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Would you like to change some habits or is there some area of your health and/or appearance that you would like to improve? Then read on and discover how a simple yet effective ritual can inspire you to create your very own self-improvement daily ritual.

So in this article I will share some of the steps and the structure of one client who found lots of benefits and success from their self-improvement daily ritual.

We all have strengths and challenges and we usually focus on improving the strengths and turning the challenges into more strengths. Sometimes even just minimizing the challenges causes a tremendous increase in the well-being and success of someone.

This self-improvement daily ritual I am sharing with you can be used as is or adapted to fit your personal needs. One client I was helping had some really strong points and good qualities, as well as habits that were sometimes obstacles between him and his goals.

So while we used Hypnosis to bring out even more of his excellent qualities, we also co-designed a daily ritual that would help him with some of his challenges (what he had formerly considered "weaknesses")
Posture and Body Language and Dehydration were some of the major elements undermining this clients well-being and success. I will expand on this to show how we not only deal with a symptom, yet often get to the actual cause of it. Drinking more water was a major issue for this man because he is handsome and actually looked good when he was well rested and hydrated. When he was not well rested or well hydrated, however, he looked like an extra on a Zombie Horror film!

Dehydration together with excess alcohol (which can lead to more dehydration and not enough good quality sleep also contributed to awful looking dark circles under his eyes. Also, he not only slouched but also seemed to twitch at awkward times (his Doctor told him he was dehydrated and had to drink more water and get better sleep and that he was healthy but could stand to cut down on his alcohol consumption--it turns out he had been this way so long that these unsettling tics and twitches had become part of his body language and so we worked both on the causes and the symptoms). We helped him to get a better night sleep (self-hypnosis Audio) after doing this daily/nightly routine (beats what he was doing-getting home at 4AM after drinking WAY too much alcohol). So every night and/or day for 5 minutes each time he would do stand with his Back to the wall and do his Affirmation and Visualization. Within 30 days this had already become a new habit for him and he looked and felt much better. Oh, and people had already responded much better to him in social settings and situations and 6 months later, a man who slouched a lot asked him how to improve their posture.

Now he can go out at night and drink moderately and still get home in time to get a good night sleep or stay over at the home or apartment of someone he met and catch up on his sleep the next night. I find that by doing Affirmations directly relating to some exercise or process you are actually doing, helps this process go more smoothly. I never advise magical or wishful thinking alone. Each time you drink water you get a sense you are doing something healthy for your body.

Each time you drink water you affirm that you are doing something healthy and this is what you want. Each time you do this you are making it a stronger habit. Every time you say to yourself in the mirror "I drink more water and everyday I make sure to be well hydrated and get a great night sleep." You see yourself drinking the water in between saying these affirmations. You imagine your posture has already improved and your body language is more calm and relaxed. Your face and body look more healthy and attractive. You feel your Spine stretching against the wall and enjoying how this improved posture makes you look and feel. You can even notice these powerful changes in your breathing.

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